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Double J also provides mechanic services! The Mechanic shop was added in 2015 and has exploded over the years. The Mechanic shop now has 3 mechanics with Cory Schwarz as our head mechanic and manager. 

Cory has nearly 13 years of dealership experience in heavy truck repair. He holds certifications in several areas including:

  • Caterpillar, 

  • Cummins

  • Paccar Mx engines

  •  KW Electrical

  •  EW Suspension

  • Air Brakes

  • Air Conditioning

  •  Federal DOT

Double J is currently accepting customers for repairs on:

  • cars

  • tractor-trailers

  •  buses

  •  farm equipment

  • General vehicle

    •   general repairs​

    •  oil changes

    •  tires

    • brakes

    • electrical

    •  a/c check

    • engine light diagnostics

    •  ABS

Double J is also equipped with diagnostic tooling for heavy truck and automotive troubleshooting. 

Call today to schedule an appointment!


Current hours of operation are Monday- Friday 

8am - 5pm

Call 701-715-3333

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