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Adjustable Alley

Adjustable Double Working Alley

Our Adjustable Double Working Alley will make working cattle much easier! It features a position side, back stops, & gate. Built using 2 7/8" Oil Well Pipe and 1" Sucker Rod. It is designed for heavy use!

~ Made with 2 7/8" Oil Well Pipe & 1"Sucker Rod

~ Holes are cut into the pipe, the sucker rod is run     through the pipe then welded

~ Measures 28' Long & 7' Tall

~ Easily adjusts

~ Alley offers 3 position adjustments on both sides

~ Inner width adjustments - 18", 24", & 30"

~ Comes with 2 back stops on each side so cattle can't back up

~ Rear gate to close gap when adjusted down

~ Optional front slide gate available

Please contact us for current pricing

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