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Meet the Team


The Owners

Double J Manufacturing and Repair, Inc was started in 2002 by Jeff Enzminger and James Owen. They started their business primarily doing repair work but decided to focus on manufacturing. Jeff had experience building with used oil well pipe and knew it made for heavy duty products needed in the cattle industry. Jeff and James designed their first 30' Free Standing Panel and never looked back.

Since 2002 the business has grown exponentially. While they focused on manufacturing they did expand on their repair business in 2015. In 2018 Jeff retired and James and his wife Melody took over the business.

James and Melody are parents to six children and have two beautiful grandchildren. While running Double J is a full-time job, they both love to be with their grandchildren and be in nature. James is also a certified Private Pilot, EMT and Firefighter. Melody is a certified EMT as well. Both have poured into the community over the 20+ years they have lived in the area. They are both active in their church and have a huge heart for struggling people. Double J has often been referred to as the job for second chances. James and Melody see Double J as more than just a job, but as a way to serve people and give others a second chance.

In October 2022 a wonderfully worded article was published about Double J and the second chances they provide. Click the link to give it a read.  

Plant Manager

Darcy Pfaff is the plant manager and has been with Double J since 2015. He is the go to guy around the shop. Darcy takes care of all custom orders and helps design them. He coordinates with customers constantly to make things run smoothly. He is the main salesman with Double J. 

Shop Foreman

Derek Martin is the manufacturing shop foreman. He works directly in the shop and makes sure everything is running smoothly. He coordinates with Darcy on orders and constantly keeps the owners informed on the functioning of the shop. 

Mechanic Shop Manager

Cory Schwarz is the head mechanic at Double J. He manages the mechanic shop and two other mechanics under him. Cory has been a mechanic since 2004. Check out the Mechanics tab for a list of his qualifications and services he provides. 

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