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Calf Shelter

Calf Shelter


Our Calf Shelters were designed to take care of your important furry commodities. The roof and sides fold up when not in use. 

We do not make the shelter too deep so mommas can keep close to her babies. 

Belting lines the bottom of the shelter to insure a

tight fit to the ground.

Proven 20 year old design.

  • Made with 2 7/8" Pipe Frame, 1" x 2" 14 gauge tubing, & 22 gauge Super Steel

  • The Calf Shelter is built onto the back side of our 25' Wind Break Panel. 

  • Calf Shelter is 42" Deep

  • Roof is just under 23' Long

  • Panels come with 2 chains & key hole slots to quickly tie panels together

  • Calf Shelter weighs 1200lbs

  • Calf Shelter sets up quickly

  • No posts needed

  • 10' Wide Removable Legs 

  • Leg has a 2" rise in the center to help prevent panel movement from pushing cattle

Please contact us for current pricing

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