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24' Free Standing Corral Panel with Swing Gate

24' Free Standing Panel

Our 24' Free Standing Panels are the best built panels on the market! We work hard to make your life easier! Once you buy our panels, no others will ever be good enough again!

~ Made with 2 7/8" Oil Well Pipe & Sucker Rod

~ Sucker Rod is run through holes that are cut into the pipe then we weld the sucker rod.

~ Panel is 24'3" long & 5'8" High

~ Panels come with 2 chains & key hole slots to quickly tie panels together

~ Panel weighs 850lbs

~ Panels set up quickly to make corral fast

~ No posts needed

~ Leg has a 2" rise in the center to help prevent panel movement from pushing cattle

~ Optional Gates can be added to Panel




Free Standing Corral Panels are used to replace old wooden corral. 

There is no need for posts when using our products. They have been 

designed to be self standing. The weight of the panel plus the design 

of the leg prevents the panels from tipping over.

Please contact us for current pricing

"Home of the Best Built Free Standing Panels on the Market"

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